Care Pricing

We understand at Woodside Lodge that when it comes to choosing a care home it be a difficult and confusing time for all involved and so therefore we always encourage prospective residents and families to visit beforehand.

This gives you a chance to meet one of our dedicated management team, have a look around, talk to the staff and residents, and perhaps even stay for lunch. Our management team will be able to answer any questions you have about the home, and any aspects of paying for care.

If you are considering moving in to Woodside Lodge, you will naturally want to understand more about paying for care. Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions our management team receive from prospective residents and families.

What do the fees for Woodside Lodge Cover?

We charge an all-inclusive fee that covers the costs of meeting our residents’ personalised care needs for high-quality Dementia care. As well as the individual care we provide, fees reflect the costs of accommodation, food and drink, social activities, staff training, and building maintenance. (They do not include additional services such as hairdressing, newspapers, chiropodists, opticians and dentists)

Do all residents pay the same fee?

No. The fees are based on the individual care needs required including the room and its specifications. Our management team can advise on individual room rates and if you wish to move to another room at a later date, whether the fee will alter. 

What local authority financial support is available?

A local authority such as Hampshire County Council,  may part-fund 12 weeks of care at the point you decide to sell your house. Local authorities can also offer their own deferred payment arrangements for care. This will typically involve a loan secured on your property. If either of these are of interest, we advise you to speak directly to the local authority your house is registered with. 

Do fees rise every year?

Yes, we review fees annually. Taking affect from 1st April, which reflects our running costs and inflation, including whether there are changes in your required care needs.

How do I pay?

For all permanent residents, we require fees to be paid four-weekly in advance, by direct debit. We can help you set up the direct debit payment process. We send the invoice in advance so you can make arrangements for the funds to be available on the agreed collection date. The home will provide a schedule of payment dates for the full year to help you budget. For Respite stay residents, we accept cheques (which should be made payable to Woodside Lodge Ltd) and bank transfers.

What is the notice period if I decide to leave?

For permanent residents, we ask for 28 days’ written notice to enable us to offer the room to another resident. During the early settling-in period we ask for just seven days’ notice where possible during the first four weeks. 

What happens if I run out of money?

We require fees to be paid in full throughout your residency. If a person has assets of less than £23,500 they have become ‘capital depleted’ and that is the point at which the local authority steps in to help fund care.  We would advise that you contact your local authority such as Hampshire County Council a few months before capital depletion, so it can commence its process, and that you also advise the Management Team. It is unlikely that your local authority will fund the full fee and therefore a family top up will be required. Furthermore your local authority can discuss with you about CHC funding (Continuing Health Care), an option for people who are living with complex needs. An assessment would be carried out by CHC via a procedure known as CHC Checklist, if this stage is passed, a full review will be held and if successful funding will be met by the NHS, which will be subjected to yearly reassessments by the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.  

Can we receive any state benefits to help with the cost of care?

Yes, in some situations you may be eligible to claim Attendance Allowance for personal care. To ensure you receive the right advice on eligibility and how to claim, we recommend you talk to Age UK on 0800 055 6112 or visit You can also speak with Citizens Advice on 03454 040506 or visit

Do I need a Power of Attorney – LPA

Due to the nature of the care we provide at Woodside Lodge – Dementia, we strongly advise that this is something you look into and consider. If a resident does not have mental capacity then they are unable to make decisions for themselves. For either a relative or third party to be able to speak on your behalf, registering a Lasting Power of Attorney for Finance and Health and Welfare are required. For more information, call the Office of the Public Guardian on  0300 456 0300 or visit  

If you would like to know more and to make a general enquiry into what Woodside Lodge can offer you, please do not hesitate to contact us today.