Who we are

Our staff are well trained and supervised, properly paid, and afforded flexibility in their working hours. We understand the needs of family and we allow our staff to work hours that accommodate these needs. As a result, we have a very low turnover of staff and many have been at Woodside Lodge for some years. This helps significantly in maintaining our consistently high quality of care and exacting standards.

On-going training in areas such as First Aid, Health & Safety, Nutrition, Moving & Handling, Medication, and Safeguarding Dementia patients is provided by recognised institutions via Skills for Care such as Altura Training, a highly recommended training provider that has
successfully impacted on all our staff and our residents within the home.

As a result, many of our team hold recognised NVQ 2,3 & 5 qualifications. Happily, we are proud to promote a family friendly environment which both encourages the quality of care delivered to our residents and the overall working benefits to our staff, which has positively seen a consistent low turnover of staff year after year.

‘We are not a team in a workplace, we are a family all together’